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How Do Psychiatrists Treat Patients With Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder and can be described as feelings of loss, sadness or anger. It is a serious medical illness that affects negatively the way you feel, think and act and can affect a person’s whole life. For people residing in Delhi, coming out of depression is quite simple with the help of the most renowned and the best psychiatrist doctor in South Delhi.

Psychiatrists are the medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and proper treatment of any kind of medical illness. Experienced psychiatrists always initiate the treatment by adopting a caring attitude towards their patients. They then analyze and determine the current mental state of the patient and accordingly may prescribe some antidepressants.

Then, they start the therapy and the most common one is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is not like just talking to some neutral person and then sharing one’s feelings but it actually involves working actively on oneself and bringing out a significant and concrete change in one’s life with the help of a psychiatrist. The therapist assists the patient to think rationally and steers him out of the traps of irrational thoughts and unnecessary emotional decisions.

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Is depression really a problem?
Depression is a common mental health-related problem that can cause people to have feelings of guilt and low self-esteem and if untreated, can result in addiction, ruined relationships, heart diseases, and even suicide. It needs to be diagnosed and treated timely.

Are anti-depressant medicines safe?
Not all the anti-depressants are safe. Few of them may be addictive. But remember, your psychiatrist is a medical doctor and he knows the best treatment for you. So, if these medicines are properly prescribed and monitored by your psychiatrist, they are safe for you. Never take them without medical advice.

Can children also face depression?
Children can also be the victims of depression due to increasing peer pressure, the pressure of performing well in exams and failure to fulfill the expectations of their elders. Child psychiatry is an important branch that deals exclusively with child mental health issues.

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