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How A Sexologist Can Save Your Marriage?

Sex is a big portion of a marriage. However, in many marriages, this component happens to be missing and it adds a lot of stress to the relationship. While you may think a marriage counselor is an answer to the problem, in reality, it is a sexologist who can really assist you. A sexologist happens to be trained to assist couples in finding solutions to intimacy-related issues.

Here are some common issues and problems to both men and women in which the best sexologist in Delhi can offer assistance;

  • Orgasmic disorder: This is a persistent and recurrent difficulty or a delay or absence of attainment of orgasm following sufficient sexual stimulation as well as arousal. This causes a lot of distress in a personal capacity.
  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorders: Many times either of the couples has a recurrent deficiency to conjure up sexual thoughts. They might also display a lack of sexual desire because of complications in the relationship.
  • Sexual aversion disorder: The individual in the marriage may have marked anxiety, fear or disgust in the sexual act.
  • Pelvic pain disorder: This is a symptom showing pain and dysfunction in relation to the passage of urine, defecation or even sexual activity.
  • Dyspareunia: In this, the individual experiences recurrent and consistent genital pain in association with genital intercourse.

If you are experiencing trouble with regard to your sex life after marriage, you should seek out the best sexologist in Delhi for immediate help. Dr. Sathya Prakash is available for booking of appointments so do not waste any more time, save your marriage today.

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