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Bipolar disorder, also called manic depression, is a kind of mental disorder that causes severe high and low moods in an individual. These mood swings episodes range from manic highs to extremely depressive lows. These highs and lows can be considered as the ‘two poles’ of mood, hence the name, bipolar disorder. It is believed to be a result of genetics, altered brain structure or function or environmental reasons. Dr. Sathya Prakash is a trusted name when it comes to bipolar disorder treatment in Delhi.

A proper bipolar disorder treatment allows a person to lead a normal life as well as helps in preventing future complications. Though the treatment goes on life- long but an early diagnosis helps in better recovery. The disorder can be best treated with a combination of counseling and medication by an expert that helps in alleviating the symptoms. Professional counseling from a qualified and experienced therapist helps the patient understand his condition and know how to deal with it. Certain drugs are also used to stabilize the patient’s mood to normal levels. In addition to these, sleep management and psychotherapy can also prove to be very helpful in treating this disorder.

Don’t let any of your loved ones suffer from this illness. Rather, identify the symptoms and take a good decision to consult a qualified therapist at the earliest without wasting any time. Log on to and get the most accurate professional medical advice on bipolar disorder treatment in Delhi.

Is being bipolar a common disorder?
It is a very common type of mental disorder with more than ten million cases per year in India. It is a recurrent and unpredictable mental condition that affects a large number of people worldwide.

How can the bipolar disorder be diagnosed?
A qualified and experienced therapist can diagnose this disorder by a few physical and lab examinations, psychiatric assessment (by knowing your thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns) and mood charting. This will help the therapist to evaluate your current situation and decide the way forward.

Can bipolar disorder be cured completely?
Usually, the treatment needs to be taken lifelong but a bipolar disorder cannot be cured completely. Currently, there is no cure but many treatments and strategies are there that can be used to manage the symptoms. Without treatment, the condition gets worsened.

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