21 Jan 2021

How to Find the Best Child Psychiatrist in South Delhi?

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When you are the parent of a child, both the physical health as well as the mental health of your offspring takes immense precedence over all other things. If you find your child struggling with studies, or with daily tasks, along with social interaction problems, it is a sure sign that he or she needs help from a mental health specialist, or a child psychiatrist to be more precise.

The field of psychiatry is filled with mental health professionals of varying specialization and experience. When it comes to the question of your child, you will need to seek out a child psychiatrist for the effective and hopefully speedy resolution of your offspring’s mental health issues. Like other ailments of the body, it cannot wait for a better day or time.

Take feedback from your child’s school
It can be very stressful for both parents and students to adjust their schedules and conform to the start of a new year at school. There will be a ton of homework and other extracurricular activities for your child along with requests from teachers to have a meeting with you in regards to the performance and behavior of your child. For sensitive students, a new year can present difficulties as they try and cope with the challenges of studies and extracurricular activities like they had done the previous year. For a bulk of other students, they might be challenged by higher grades, new teachers, as well as an unfamiliar environment.

Learning difficulties, as well as psychological issues, are more common among students of lower grades than their parents would like to admit. And it is at school that most psychological oddities are exhibited. So when your child’s teacher calls you for feedback, you should be attentive to what they say. If you find that your child is exhibiting incongruent behavior at school, you should consider a child psychiatrist.

Some problems that your child may struggle with

  • Depression, anxiety, and feelings of sadness that linger and refuse to abate.
  • Problems with homework or inability to complete it.
  • Failure to pay proper attention to the teacher.
  • Difficulties with learning to spell, read, write as well as issues with mastering the core concepts of mathematics.
  • Very low self-confidence along with feelings of decreased self-worth.
  • An uncooperative attitude that subsequently interferes with smooth functioning at home or school.
  • Playing truant from school or even detentions.
  • Alcohol or drug use at an early age.

What you should do when you are concerned about your child?

  • Have a word with your child’s teacher: At times, your child’s teacher at school may call you as they interact with children the most and are in a good position to spot any causes for concern. For you, it might be hard or downright difficult to hear negative things about your son or daughter, but you have to have an open mind and accept that the teacher has the best interests of your offspring at heart.
  • Speak to your child’s pediatrician: The pediatrician happens to be the first professional to have access to your child and even for children of older age, a pediatrician is useful to consult as they can spot many a problem. Significantly, a pediatrician can also spot neurological problems, like struggles with memory or concentration.
  • Consult a child psychiatrist: At times, your child’s pediatrician will refer you to a child psychiatrist who is actually in a better position to evaluate the problems that your child is facing. He or she will be able to carry out a formal evaluation of the learning problems or problems with the attention that are plaguing your child.

How to find a reliable child psychiatrist?

  • Ask friends and family: Many times there will be a family member or a friend who has gone through the same problems with their children and have had to consult a child psychiatrist. Ask around and you may get a stellar recommendation.
  • Ask your child’s pediatrician: Your child’s pediatrician is uniquely positioned to refer you to a reputable child psychiatrist because they are in the medical community and their functions and duties often overlap, especially when it comes to a small child from the lower grades.
  • Search the internet: If you are living in Delhi, the task of finding a good psychiatrist can be completed if you search for them on the internet. After you have collected the names of a few child psychiatrists, speak to them over the phone and subsequently set up an appointment with the chosen one to examine your child.

In a place like Delhi, where it can be difficult to source help on such a sensitive subject as child psychiatry, Dr. Sathya Prakash is a very reliable name that you should make a point to consult when you are facing behavioral issues with your child.

Don't wait days for appointments.

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