28 Jan 2021

Does Psychology Deal with Mental Health?

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Psychology is a branch of science that is exclusively concerned with the mental aspect of people and their associated problems. To answer the question early, psychology is intimately concerned with mental health. Psychologists have the required training and the clinical skills that help people to learn to cope with their mental side and deal with the various issues in life in a very effective manner.

What do psychologists do?
Practicing psychologists assist a wide swathe of the population; anyone who has mental health issues should visit a psychologist. Most people talk to their psychologists when they feel depressed, are angry, or have been anxious for a prolonged period of time. People may also require help for different chronic issues that are impacting their health and functional life. There also may be short term issues like losing a relative or difficulties in a new job where a psychologist can be of much help.

A psychologist can help patients to cope with different stressful situations, get over addictions, help with chronic illness management, along with the numerous tests and assessments at their disposal that help them to diagnose a particular mental condition or help with assessing how a person feels, behaves and thinks. Psychological tests can measure the intellectual skills of the patient, their cognitive strengths and weaknesses, preference and aptitude for different vocations, characteristics of the personality as well as the neuropsychological functioning of the patient.

How can psychologists help?
There is a wide range of health problems for which a psychologist is a prime choice. They employ different treatments that are evidence-based and helps the patient to lead a better quality of life. In most cases, a psychologist will use psychotherapy or talk therapy where they listen to the patients who tell them about their problems and ask probing questions to evaluate the condition of the patient. There exist many different therapy styles, and the psychiatrist will work with the patient to figure out the best approach to use and this is based on the preference and characteristics of the patient.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy, interpersonal therapy, or psychodynamic therapies are but a few of the different styles of therapy that a practicing psychotherapist uses. Therapy is not limited to the individual alone, couples and families also undergo therapy at the office of the psychotherapist. Hypnosis is another tool that is used by psychotherapists and it has been found to provide relief in such conditions as anxiety, pain, and mood disorders.

So as you can see, psychology is intimately associated with mental health, and a psychologist is one of the first ports of call when there is a mental problem with the patient.

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