14 Sep 2020

How is Covid-19 affecting you psychologically? Do Psychiatrists really help?

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The COVID-19 has affected the lives of many people and is still affecting directly and indirectly. Along with health risks, it has led to forced isolation and financial instability. Social media has been flooded with rumors related to the virus and news outlets keep on giving recommendations to preserve physical health. Some of these guidelines cover social distancing, wearing masks in public, and going out only in emergencies. People have faced a new reality since the beginning of lockdown, which is the way too different from the one they were living in.

But pandemic has come with another major issue that has been overlooked for a long time, i.e. declining mental health. The feeling of stress and worries are common psychological responses when people feel in threat or danger. This pandemic has brought the feeling of vulnerability and huge despair.

A lot of concerns have brought anxiety, such as when people can get back to normal life, worries about loved ones getting sick or getting in contact with the virus, the feeling of loneliness, and how many lockdowns we need to see in the future. All such uncertainties cause overthinking in a negative way.

In day to day life, we are being overwhelmed with a lot of daily news about COVID-19. Some of them are just rumors and half-baked information that do nothing but just create panic. They cause fear, anxiety, depression, stress, and emotional distress.

The effects of quarantining on psychological and mental health are compared with existing quarantining due to Coronavirus in some studies. According to a study on 129 volunteers, around 31.2% of people had depression-like symptoms while 28.9% had signs of PTSD.

Even worse, the symptoms of PTSD get worse if quarantine lasts longer. People who have been vulnerable to transmissible disease, the effect of these symptoms was even more. This study shows how quarantining can lead to distress and shows signs of mental decline.

In addition, further studies showed the effects of isolation. It shows that people who are in quarantine have developed stress, mood swings, depression, and anxiety. Most people are experiencing these symptoms. Even these days, mental health is overlooked, and discussing it is still considered taboo.

Parents are supposed to be trying hard to balance work-related pressures with family commitments. Feeling the loss of control and overwhelmed by the situation is very common these days. Around 28% of parents had developed PTSD, who were quarantined with their family.

What Psychiatrists Suggest doing in this situation?
It’s time to address the issues bringing these emotions to control the feelings of anxiety and stress. Here’s what you can do to deal with mental issues in this situation-

First of all, limit watching news channels and, even better, avoid media exposure at all. Constant updates and Coronavirus news make people restless. It is better to stay informed by referring to the World Health Organization and Centre for Disease Control & Prevention. At least these sources don’t spread fake information like other media outlets. These are genuine sources of information without any negative effects on your mental health.

Try to connect with family and friends using technology. There are plenty of video calling apps that come out to help you improve social interactions and relationships remotely. Take a few hours a day to divert your mind from the virus. It is helpful if you have been isolating on your own and you have no social life.

They say a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Exercise is a natural way to boost your mood and relieve stress. Along with improving physical health, it releases endorphins that help your brain to deal with stress and emotional pain. Just walk on your rooftop or in your home around 15 minutes a day because you can’t go to the gym these days.

Finally, don’t fret seeking help from professionals. A well-known psychiatrist in Delhi, Dr. Sathya Prakash can easily connect with you through telehealth and provide counseling through audio and video technology. You can stay in the comfort of your home and get help while following social distancing. A psychiatrist in South Delhi offers counseling and therapy online. It can definitely help promote healing and wellness.

Bottom Line
Physical health definitely means a lot, especially in these tough times. But you shouldn’t overlook your mental health due to isolation. Mental health keeps declining as social interaction does. So, it is important to address the concerns around the declining mental health to avoid anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders by choosing the best psychiatrist in South Delhi.

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