Child Psychiatrist

The Need to Consult a Child Psychiatrist

Child and adolescent psychiatry is a branch that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various psychological disorders in children and adolescents. These disorders include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), SLD, autism, depression, anxiety and communication disorders and are extremely detrimental for the mental health of the children as well as their families.

The pediatric psychiatrists work with the children, young individuals (up to 18 years of age) and their families and make a significant improvement in the lives of our future generation. Child psychiatry is a highly specialized branch of psychiatry and offers an early intervention in the mental problems of individuals. It is a well-known fact that three fourth of all the adult mental health issues start before 18 years of age and early diagnosis and treatment can be of great help and can result is far lesser mental health disorders in adulthood.

The psychiatric intervention involves conversations with the children and adolescents along with their families to get an insight into difficulties that in turn helps to find out a way forward. It also involves prescribing anti-depressants and other medications to ensure the complete development of the child.

Don’t ignore even the slightest symptoms of these mental disorders in the children and young adults around you. These may lead to serious complications if not checked in time and may result in troubled adulthood. Contact the best psychiatrist in Delhi Dr. Sathya Prakash by logging on to and ensure the complete mental health of the family.

Is a mental disorder actually a serious problem?
Yes, it definitely is. Unfortunately, it is considered to be normal by the majority of people but it has serious implications that can ruin the entire life of the sufferer and the people around him/her.

How to identify mental problems?
The mental disorders can be neuro-developmental such as ADHD, autism or learning disability that can arise in childhood or they may include various behavioral and emotional disorders like depression, anxiety, toileting and feeding difficulties, etc. that can be discovered by the parents by observing their children.

What is the role of family members in the psychiatry treatment?
Studies have proven that family-based treatments give better outcomes. Family members have an important role in implementing various advice given by the doctors and can provide unconditional support to the sufferer.

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