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Warning signs of mental illness in children

Children today are exposed to a lot more situations and crises than what it was before. Generally, the call of visiting a child psychiatrist for a child’s problems is up to the parent. However, it can be difficult if not impossible to identify the time when the child has to seek treatment.

Here are a few warning signs that you can take heed of in the case of your child;

  • Mood changes: Be on the lookout for any feelings of withdrawal and sadness which lasts at least 2 weeks. Also be aware of mood swings that cause problems at home and school.
  • Intense feelings: Look out for warning signs like intense fear, often arising out of nothing. Racing heart and shortness of breath are two indicators of this symptom.
  • Behavior changes: There may be behavioral changes like drastic changes in personality and out of control behavior. Fighting with weapons with a desire to hurt is a warning sign.
  • Difficulty in concentration: Be aware of signs of poor focusing, difficulty in sitting still, these can lead to bad performance in school.
  • Weight loss: Look out for sudden loss in appetite, vomiting or the use of laxatives that may indicate an eating disorder.
  • Physical symptoms: Children with a mental health condition may develop problems like stomachaches and headaches, be sure to evaluate the conditions accordingly.
  • Physical harm: children with a mental health issue are prone to self-harm. This can take the form of cutting or burning them, as a parent, be very vigilant of these indications.
  • Substance abuse: Some children use drugs and alcohol in order to cope with their feelings. Consult a child psychiatrist in Delhi for immediate help.

For all the problems listed above, your child needs intervention by a trusted child psychiatrist in Delhi. Get in touch with Dr. Sathya Prakash to book an appointment today so that you child can be on the road to recovery and normalcy.

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