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Some Facts You Should Know About Depression

Depression is an illness that is both real as well as treatable. But the myths that surround this modern disease and the stigma attached to it happen to act as barriers to treatment, where depression is a treatable illness.

Here are a few facts about depression that everyone should know:

  • Depression does not always have a good reason, with clinical depression there is not always a clear reason for how the patient feels. This is because of the chemicals in the brain responsible for the control of mood may be out of balance.
  • Depression may be caused by a lot of things and the underlying cause is often difficult to uncover.
  • According to a psychiatrist in Delhi, depression is a lot more than ordinary sadness. We all experience sadness at some point of time or the other. Depression, however, is an illness with a lot of other symptoms than being sad.
  • Children are not immune to depression. While children do not face the stresses associated with adults, they have a whole lot of other triggers that can cause depression.
  • Depression is a real illness. You are not crazy or weak. Depression is an illness caused by imbalances in the level of chemicals in the brain like Norepinephrine, Serotonin, and Dopamine.

If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, know that it can be treated and cured by a psychiatrist in Delhi. Visit Dr. Sathya Prakash to book your appointment today and get started on the road to recovery from depression. Know that this disease can be cured and that there is no shame or stigma attached to seeking treatment.

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