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For ideal marital bliss, there is a need for love, respect, and togetherness; however, a big part of it also loves making. Sexual intercourse helps to deepen feelings of intimacy and it is what married couples have as the bedrock to their marriage. Due to a lot of factors, it is often seen that men in relationships have sexual problems.

Fear of performing poorly in bed, apprehension, and anxiety at a lot of times inhibits the men and leaves the woman dissatisfied. This can also threaten the foundations of the marriage. A lot of men nowadays overlook their problems because they are embarrassed, shy or have fears of being questioned on topics that are behind closed doors. A sexologist in Lajpat Nagar can assist you if you are experiencing any problem with your marriage or relationship.

Types of Sexual Health Problems in Men

  • Erectile Dysfunction: This is when the man faces difficulty in attaining and maintaining an erection.
  • Low Libido: This means a reduced interest in sex. As the age of the man increases, he commonly suffers from low libido.
  • Premature Ejaculation: This is when the man reaches orgasm quickly and ejaculates, the partner remains unsatisfied.
  • Inhibited Ejaculation: This is where the man does not achieve orgasm or even if he does so very slowly.

As you can see, the sexual health of the man in the relationship is of the utmost importance in saving the marriage and making it work. A sexologist in Lajpat Nagar can help you with your intimate problems. Get in touch with Dr. Sathya Prakash to book your appointment today and solve your difficulties.

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